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We polled you and asked “What age group and gender do you believe are the most pro-life?”  and here is what you said:

(8%) Men 18 – 34
(17%) Women 18-34
(6%) Men 35 – 54
(27%) Women 35 – 54
(15%) Men 55+
(27%) Women 55+

Here’s the actual statistics and the facts to go along with the information:

Americans today are far more willing to label themselves “pro-life” than they were just a few years ago.  The youngest generation of voters, those between the ages of 18 and 35 (the ones most likely to become pregnant) are the most pro-life group to come along since the generation born during the Great Depression (those 65+ years of age).  Men, as a whole, are more likely to be pro-life; making men between the ages of 18 and 35 the most opposed to abortion.

Over the last decade, the least likely group to be pro-life is women that now fall between the ages of 50-64.  That number, however, has dropped dramatically over the last two years.  More and more of these women who came of age during the feminist movement (ages 50-64) are turning their support away from legalized abortion.

Support for abortion continues to spiral downward.  Abortion counselors also admit that the negative stigma attached to abortion has been increasing over the last few years.  The political will to support abortion is also diminishing.  After the murder of George Tiller (infamous abortionist), the U.S. Senate could not find the votes to pass a resolution condemning violence against abortion providers.  (UFI wants to go on record, again, that we  shun the use of violence in furthering the pro-life cause. )

Despite what abortion providers want you to think, we are becoming more pro-life and that’s fabulous news for unborn children as well as their mothers.

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