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unborn baby and mom“Sexual rights” trump even a child’s right to life and society doesn’t seem to mind.

By Diane Robertson

A couple of weeks ago in Colorado, Michelle Wilkins answered a Craigslist ad for baby clothes. Once she arrived at the seller’s home, Dynel Lane, attacked her, cut her open, and removed her unborn child.

Dynel Lane’s husband found the baby in a bathtub and rushed her to the hospital. Michelle Wilkins, still believing she was pregnant, locked herself in a room in the basement and alerted authorities to the attack. Wilkins survived; her baby girl, at 7 months gestation, did not.

The baby girl was alive before being torn from the safety of her mother’s womb. However, autopsy reports would have to conclude that the baby breathed. With no oxygen found in her lungs, Colorado law denies the baby personhood—personhood that her mother, Michelle Wilkin’s, fully understood existed.

In the last year and a half I had 3 women close to me lose a baby due to still birth. Each was heart stricken with the loss of the child growing in their womb. Though none of these babies ever took a breath outside the womb, each baby’s life holds meaning to their mothers and all of their families. The lives of these babies will never be forgotten. They are loved as much as any child.

Michelle Wilkin’s baby will never be forgotten. Due to a violent crime, she lost her child. A baby that lived is now dead.

One of 12 states that do not have laws making the violent death of an unborn child a homicide, a Colorado district attorney, announced Dynel Lane will not face murder charges. In 2013 state legislators voted down a fetus homicide bill over fears it would interfere with abortion rights. Colorado voters overwhelmingly agreed with the legislature when they rejected a similar ballot measure in 2014.

Michelle Wilkins will never have the pleasure of holding her daughter. She never even had an opportunity to say goodbye to her child. She may never be able to carry another child with the damage done to her uterus. Yet justice will not be fully served for Michelle, her husband, and her daughter.

Dynel Lane will be convicted under another Colorado law that makes it a felony to violently cause the death of a mother’s fetus. Thirty-two years in prison will be the maximum penalty. If the law was just, she would be convicted of homicide and face life in prison without parole.

People feel moral revulsion and disgust at such a crime. Many feel a demand for justice. Yet justice will not be served because once again, the majority has decided that “sexual rights” reign supreme. Since some people want to have indiscriminate sex without the inconvenience of pregnancy, abortion became a “right” held above the right to life. And when the people were asked, they voted to continue to protect indiscriminate sex even over the lives of wanted unborn children.

I have heard that “the liberal philosophy of human rights is utterly random and disjointed.” (Matt Walsh)

But it’s not random. The liberal philosophy always places sexual libertinism above everything else. It’s above life, freedom, decency and innocence. It’s above family, nature, and most of all above children. And this time, the child suffered, the mother and father suffered, the grandparents, and friends suffered. And once more the moral fabric of society suffered. Will we ever learn that children are precious and we, the people, need to protect them above everything else?