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In spite of the fact that the Obama administration has blasted past administrations for interfering in the internal affairs of other nations, new evidence shows that at least $680,000 tax payer dollars—in the form of USAID grants–have been given to groups working to turn out the “yes” (pro-abortion) vote in the upcoming Kenyan constitution referendum.  Many believe that total is actually closer to $10 million.

Although the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi has denied these allegations, U.S. Congressmen Chris Smith, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and Darell Issa have received information for the Office of the Inspector General of the International Development that clearly show how the money was channeled into Kenyan for support of the pro-abortion constitution.  Lifesite news shares the details here.

UFI has written about the dilemma that Kenyans face because international pro-abortion groups were able to place controversial pro-abortion language in the draft constitution.  The citizen’s vote on the Kenyan constitution will take place on August 4 and pro-life groups are working around the clock to let Kenyan voters know that they need to vote “no” and send this seriously flawed and contradictory constitution back for a “re-do.”

United Families International has joined with the World Congress of Families and other pro-life and pro-family leaders from around the world on a petition “In Support of the ‘No’ Campaign and Kenyans Opposed to the Pro-Abortion Constitution.”  Know, also, that no taxpayer dollars are being used to fund this effort.

Let your elected representatives know what you think about the U.S. government interfering and spending your tax dollars in this fashion.

We thank Lifesitenews.com for their detailed reporting on the Kenyan constitution:

U.S. Embassy Denies Funding Campaign for Pro-Abort Kenya Constitution

Pro-Life Anti-Constitution Rally Bombed in Kenya

Biden Promises Kenya ‘Money to Flow’ if Pro-Abort Constitution Passes

Unveiling of Kenya Constitution with Abortion Provisions Set for Thursday

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