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Reflecting on his years living in the U.S. and observing American politics, Catholic leader Monsignor Barreiro-Carambula gives insights into the shallowness of the ideology that undergirds the pro-abortion movement.

“What exactly determines why this human being should live, and this other one should not? …
‘The undeniable fact is that those who defend the destruction of innocent human life in the form of abortion and euthanasia cannot confront the moral issues, nor can they confront the history that proves beyond a doubt the similarity between their reasoning and that of the most heinous murderers of history”.

Referring to the Pres. Obama, he adds:

“But the most troubling thing one notices when paying close attention to the president’s actions is his utter disregard for the human person. It appears that every initiative he is enthusiastic about is designed to diminish the person, and increase his dependency on government to live his life for him.”

These insightful thoughts and writings come to us via Patrick Buckley’s Blog.  Patrick is a tireless advocate for the unborn.  To see more of the Monsignor’s article go here

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