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law-and-orderThere was a lot of hype leading up to last Friday’s Law & Order episode addressing the issue of abortion. The episode, which deals with the murder of a late-term abortion doctor, didn’t seem of much interest until after reading the responses of pro-abortion parties outraged that a network show would present the other side of the abortion debate.

They are upset, first of all, that the show would air an episode that so closely mirrors the real-life events of the murder of lionized abortionist Dr. George Tiller. But even more so, they are angered by the discussions between series regulars Detectives Lupo and Bernard who rather than deciding emphatically that an abortion is a matter of choice, leave open the possibility that the choice of abortion may involve the life of a child.

Pro-abortionists were even further angered by the episode addressing the connection between late-term abortion and infanticide. They argue that the depiction of the murdered doctor stabbing the baby of a failed abortion was false and medically inaccurate. However, there are several documented cases of infanticide following failed abortions in recent years. The LifeSite.com report on the episode sites examples:

In one case that drives close to home, an abortionist working for George Tiller, Shelley Sella, was accused of stabbing a born-alive infant in the ribcage until the baby died. In addition, former nurse turned pro-life activist Jill Stanek has also related that while working at a hospital in Illinois, numerous babies born alive after failed abortions were simply left to die in the “soiled utility room.”

I’m not sure if the Law & Order episode, in which a pro-life perspective is packaged around the murder of an abortion provider, is the publicity the pro-life movement would hope for. However, perhaps the vehement opposition of pro-abortionists indicates that the episode is an indicator of a greater threat: a public trend towards valuing life.

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