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Although the debate over abortion has always been a vehement one, the recent passage of the Stupak Amendment, the amendment removing federal funding for abortion in the current health care bill, has poured fuel all over the smoldering fire. Simply put, pro-abortionists are outraged, claiming the amendment will endanger women’s lives by forcing them to “return” to receiving abortions in the back alley.

One such organization CREDO Mobile, a San Francisco based cell-phone company, is now running a campaign to ensure legislators are fully aware of this concern by mailing coat hangers to each of the 20 pro-abortion Democrats that voted for Stupak. Their reasoning:

“We’re telling these 20 Democrats — all of them men — to reconsider their vote and urge Congressional leadership to do everything they can to ensure the health care bill that comes out of committee does not take us back to an era of coat hangers and back alley abortions.”

The campaign is simple: Someone signs their petition; they send a Democrat a coathanger. According to the petition page, they have sent 116,172 coat hangers so far.

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