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Here’s the question we asked our readers: 

“Should a physician be held accountable (sued) for not prescribing a test for Down syndrome for an unborn child?”

Here’s how UFI readers responded:

Yes                         2 Percent           

No                          97 Percent

Unsure                 1 Percent


This question was a result of a case in Latvia in which a mother charged her doctor failed to test her unborn child for Down syndrome.  The applicant in the case claims that she has suffered a violation of her right to respect for private life and that right includes the right to decide to have an abortion.  The European Court of Human Rights should be making a decision on this sometime in the next few months.

Some legal scholars have called this an attempt “to make eugenics a human right.”  The reasoning being that every parent is somehow entitled to expect the birth of a child that is free from “defects.”  More than 90 percent of all unborn children diagnosed with Down Syndrome are currently aborted.

This woman is angry that she couldn’t have added her unborn child to the number.  Tragic…

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