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Rachel Allison

I don’t know if our UFI readers remember my writing about a group of women who, experiencing the heartache caused by their own abortions, have dedicated themselves to educating, influencing and hopefully inspiring others to choose life.  I heard from one of these women this week.  I would like to share with you what she shared with me.

Merry Christmas

This past year has been one of unanticipated blessings and opportunities. Rather than reflect it, I feel I should share with you a story shared with me by my hosts in Holland.  The story you are about to read will not soon be forgotten and reflects the faith of our Lord, when each of us face those times when we are struggling with our faith. Times we simply don’t understand.  The times we ask,  ‘Why?’  The Bible says, “ and a child shall show them” is so true in this case.  I hope you will be blessed and encouraged by this story.

History of the experience you are about to read

Rian and Leo had 3 beautiful girls.  When their youngest was 3 they announced that a fourth baby girl would soon join their family.  It was at twenty-nine weeks during an ultra sound that Rian and Leo discovered that the baby had no kidneys.  The doctors told them that their little girl would not live long outside the womb, and encouraged an abortion.  The news hit Rian and Leo with heart-wrenching reality. A long period of silence followed.  On the drive home,  at last Leo asked Rian,  “What do you want to do?”   Rian’s reply was full of determination. “I don’t want this……I DON’T!!! But I can’t discard our daughter.”  With crushing emotions, Leo heartily agreed. They knew it was the right decision but the pain was still very real.

In the 36th week, the pains began, but they came so rapidly they knew they would not make it to the hospital.  The mid-wife was asked to come to the house instead.  Both sets of grandparents, the three girls and Leo were present when Anna was born.  She was perfect visually in everyway.   Laying her on Rian’s belly, everyone took turns touching and speaking love to the small infant who was visibly growing weaker.  Finally Leo asked everyone to lay hands on Anna as he prayed.  Leo thanked God for even this small period they could have Anna and he asked God to hold her in HIS arms until they could all be reunited.   Almost simultaneously, the amen and the last breath came.  Anna was bathed and dressed in the special pink dress and matching blanket they had selected for her.  A few days later a service was held with family and close friends.

Eight years later, Eva, now eleven, came down for breakfast and announced that during the night she had experienced heaven and Anna.   Rian asked Eva to write her experience while it was fresh in her memory and before the details were forgotten. The following is eleven-year-old Eva’s account.

Anna in heaven

This is what I dreamt by myself:

I saw the gates of heaven opening. There I saw Jesus or God standing.

At first I didn’t see Him well, because of the bright light. He opened His arms wide, and I ran towards Him. Then He lifted me, and together we laughed. I saw a lot of children, playing.  I could sit on God’s lap. God said: I want to show you someone! Then I asked: Who? God didn’t just say ‘Anna’, but He said: ‘your little sister!’ I was so glad!  He took me to a kind of meadow with grass and lots of flowers. It was so beautiful, I can’t explain! It seemed to be wild flowers, blue and yellow and red and orange flowers.

There were all animals that would normally kill each other, very beautiful was that too. And there I saw Anna.  Picking flowers.

Then Jesus walked away to leave us alone, but we weren’t alone at all, because there were lots of other children! Anna didn’t see me at first but when I called her she stood up right away, and we ran to each other. I was so glad! We embraced each other, and fell on the ground together.

Then we started playing with each other, not just playing but. .. well, I can’t explain. Than Anna tapped me and ran away, and I ran after her.

When I caught her we went playing with the animals. But then Jesus came again.

Anna stood up immediately and ran towards Him. And me too.   Anna and I sat on Gods lap. It was terrific! And then we did a group hug. Jesus, Anna, and I.

So beautiful.  But then I woke up.  I wish it all happened real because I want to hug her and God also!   Eva

Eva told her mother that Anna looked like someone in the age of 6 or 7 years. Her hair was like the color of Joas (blond) with two little tails.

(Dream of Eva Provoost,eleven years, about her little sister who died as a baby, 1.5 hour after birth.)

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