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chinese_boysRecent studies show that within the next 20 years over 30 million Chinese men will be without wives. This huge gender imbalance is the direct result of highly abnormal male-to-female birth rate rations. The current ratio is 120 males born for every 100 female babies and that number is projected to grow to 130 to 100 in the next few years.

So where have all the girls gone? Simple. They are the victims of sex-selective abortions. China’s crippling one-child policy combined with a cultural preference for male children and widely available abortions has resulted in an unprecedented number of sex-selective abortions and female infanticides, leaving an entire generation without wives.

Earlier this week we sent out an Alert showing that by promoting abortion in the developing world, the radical feminist agenda opened the door for this mass murder of those it most sought to protect; but now, feminists must also confront the secondary consequences of their agenda as the enormous number of men without wives put women directly at risk.

Study after study shows that a shortage of women leads directly to societal instability, sexual crime, prostitution, and forced marriage. As early as 1997, a Chinese magazine sensed these consequences of too few women already developing in their own country. They noted, “such sexual crimes as forced marriages, girls stolen for wives, bigamy, visiting prostitutes, rape, adultery … homosexuality … and weird sexual habits appear to be unavoidable.”

Clearly, the radical feminist agenda does not only attack the values we hold must dear, but it endangers the safety of women—born and unborn alike.

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