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By now you know that Tim Tebow, his mother Pam and Focus on the Family have created the biggest Super Bowl advertising controversy of all time.

During Sunday’s game Tebow and his mom are going on a national stage to tell the story of how she chose life.

The “pro-choice” activists are up in arms despite the fact that no one has actually seen the commercial yet. They claim to be pro-choice, but apparently only if that choice is abortion. Mrs. Tebow sharing the story of a choice she made is so offensive to women’s rights and pro-abortion groups that they are demanding the ad be pulled.

Super Bowl commercials do not have a history of being family friendly. Commercials featuring demeaning portrayals of women aren’t the target of any of the women’s rights groups’ anger. When in reality, shouldn’t those be the ads that are protested?

Despite everything, there is an upside to all the controversy. Focus on the Family has received millions of dollars of free advertising. Thousands of people are now more educated on pro-life organizations and realizing how “pro-choice” groups are really only pro-abortion groups in disguise.

After Sunday’s game it will become clear that Focus on the Family is advertising exactly what the name of their organization claims – a focus and return to family values where all children are welcomed.

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