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grenadesDiane Robertson

Around the holidays I usually don’t want to think about politics, laws, or policies. But lawsuits, bad laws, and general bad ideas meant to damage the family, do not take a Christmas vacation. This Christmas the family is being attacked on many fronts.

Belgium is expected to become the first nation to legalize euthanasia for children, and 75 percent of Belgian’s approve. Right now the law is supposed to be for children who are terminally ill. That was the intent for the 2002 law that legalized euthanasia for adults. Now adults can just be “suffering” in any way mentally or physically to qualify for an assisted suicide. In my opinion, this is practically legalizing infanticide. Will children born with spina bifida or downs syndrome or any birth defect that the parents may have aborted the baby for be allowed to live? The culture of death is marching forward and children again are the losers.

Earlier this month, a federal District Judge, Judge Robert J. Shelby, recently heard arguments against the Utah Marriage amendment that defines marriage as a union between one man and one woman.  Much of the hearing focused on the state’s interest in procreation. Obviously unconvinced, Judge Shelby asked questions such as, “How is it by excluding same-sex couples from marrying you’re increasing procreation?” The Judge plans to have a ruling sometime in January. As it stands, things are not looking good for Utah’s marriage amendment. If Utah’s marriage amendment falls, the other 30 states with similar amendments may lose in court as a result.

Federal District Court judge, Clark Waddoup, has ruled that key parts of Utah’s polygamy laws are unconstitutional. While he did not legalize polygamy in that a man can now obtain as many marriage licenses as he chooses, the judge did legalize polygamy in that a man can now legally cohabitate with as many women as he chooses. Judge Waddoup based his decision on the 2003 Supreme Court ruling on Lawrence v. Texas in which the Supreme Court ruled that laws against consensual adult sex are unconstitutional.

Apple, creators of I-phones and I-pads have now created an app available through I-tunes for anyone 12 years of age and older. The app, known as Distinc.tt, tracks users locations via GPS and allows them to search for other users with similar interests. This app is meant for gay people trying to hook up with other gay people. In the past, such apps were only available for 18+ users. Distinc.tt managed to get approval for 12 year olds by advertising itself as the “LGBT app that you can bring home to Mom.” Gay or straight, it is still illegal for 12 year old children to have sex with adults. In selling this app to youth under 18, Apple is clearly making it easier for pedophiles to locate and prey upon young children.

Unlike the soldiers in World War I that took a break from fighting to remember Christmas the foes of family are not taking a break this Christmas and we cannot either.

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