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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

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sex edby Jackie Bowles

It may sound good at first, but do the research to really understand all facets.


We’ve all had to endure “Sex Ed” at one point in our lives with its embarrassing movies and uncomfortable topics. Back in the day, while there was still concern for its curriculum, it was innocent enough that our parents agreed to let us go. Today, however, the world’s views on sexuality have changed and have switched to a “comprehensive sexuality education” (CSE) idea; the idea that we need to teach children how to have sexual pleasures; whether they implement the pleasure to themselves or with a partner. The “It’s all One” curriculum was presented a few years ago at a United Nations conference. The moderator said, “If we can just get this new comprehensive sex education program into every school and fully implemented around the globe, we can all stop working and go home! It would solve all our problems!” Some of its main purposes are to elevate such things as masturbation, oral and anal sex, and techniques for achieving an organism. And basically teaching our children to be gender and sexual rights’ activist.


Other areas that could be covered in a comprehensive sexuality education courses taught in your school could be:

  • CSE encourages acceptance and exploration of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities
  • CSE promotes high risk sexual behaviors (including anal and oral sex) and teaches they are safe.
  • CSE promotes sexual pleasure and promiscuity as a right for children.
  • CSE promotes abortion as safe and without consequences.
  • CSE encourages children to experiment sexually with individuals of their own sex or the opposite sex.
  • CSE claims access to “comprehensive sexuality education” is a human right.
  • CSE teaches children and youth they are sexual from birth.
  • CSE promotes condoms to children without informing them of their failure rates.
  • CSE promotes disrespect for parents and religious and cultural values.
  • CSE promotes sexual counseling, information or services to minors without parental consent.
  • CSE trains children to advocate for their “sexual rights” in laws and policies.
  • CSE encourages “peer to peer” sexuality education.

Knowing all of these different things, does it change your views on the sex ed” being taught to your children. I, for one, sure don’t want my children exposed to this information. In some states, however, parents are not even given the option to opt out. The CSE’s purpose is to undermine, with children, the views and ideas of their parents. It is to expose them to more options. The comprehensive sexuality education wants to introduce these ideas to those as young as kindergarten. We live in a confused world where we currently have over 60 genders. This astonishing number is not all that surprising if we are going into young children and confusing them about their sexual identities.

Interestingly enough it is Planned Parenthood that benefits from the teaching of Comprehensive Sexuality Education.  This is an entry for them to be able to become a part of that child’s life, as they offer different services, birth control and later abortions if needed. It is said that, “Lucrative “sexual and reproductive health care services” can include sexual counseling, family planning, contraception, condoms, abortion, testing and treatment for STIs, and HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, as well as related commodities, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, etc. The early sexualization of children through CSE can create lifelong paying customers for these services, so this is big business.”

As parents we need to take a stand for our children by not allowing Comprehensive Sexuality Education to come into our schools and be taught to our children. Our rights as parents are being taken away and we are allowing others views to be infringed on our children if we participate in this program. Consider opting out and do your own teaching. As parents we can teach our children that sexual intimacy within marriage is rewarding, fulfilling and worth saving ourselves for.  

A great website with many different resources on Comprehensive Sexuality Education can be found at http://www.comprehensivesexualityeducation.org/.