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TermitesMaddie Gillel

It would probably be a good exercise for our minds to re-visit what, when, how, and why western civilization is in such a state of dis-repair and near death.  Nothing will be new to us in this exercise, but we should be stunned to see the progress of the different ‘termites’ in the process. I have taken most of the following from Peter Jones SPIRIT WARS.

The Sixties’ rejection of authority, rejection of biblical sexual morals, and the search for a new spirituality are not artifacts of a failed revolution.  They are the tools in the destruction of Western Civilization. The New Age has not gone mainstream; rather, mainstream is going New Age.

1-   Rejection of Authority; Western Civilization Has Got To Go

This is the point at which ‘deconstructionist’ ideas were born.  This movement is marked by revising history, besmirching the founding fathers, and rejection of God and his Word.  The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission wants to eliminate all religion from the workplace so that no one may be “harassed” by religious ideas at work (and never mind the effect on Judeo-Christians and what they want).

The time is coming and now is when the playing of “Silent Night’ in shopping malls at the Christmas season will be illegal – like the word “Christmas” itself, even Bing Crosby singing “White Christmas”!  In his children’s story, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis created a frozen world under the power of the white witch.  One of her curses doomed Narnia to everlasting winter with no Christmas.  Little did he realize how prophetic his words would be.  A world without Christmas merely proclaims the end of Western civilization as we have known it and the beginning of the silent night of the human soul.

2-   Rejection of Biblical Sexual Norms and Morals: “Smash Monogamy”

Jerry Rubin said in the Sixties, as a bare-chested revolutionary: “We’ve combined youth, music, sex, drugs, and rebellion with treason – that’s a hard combination to beat”!  Rubin has lost his youth, his revolutionary zeal, several marriages, and his life (in a car accident). The manifesto succeeded not only for Lerner (?!?!) but  all over America.  Divorce rates are among the highest in the world, and co-habitation is at an all-time high.  Today’s sexual revolution goes beyond extra-marital, pre-marital, and multiple-partner heterosexual activity.  “Anything goes” has become the mass-media promotion not only of boundless immoral heterosexuality, but also of sado-masochism, bi-sexuality, homosexuality and pornography.  According to the logic of the system, pedophilia and bestiality cannot be far behind.

A biblical text thousands of years old, captures the Sixties’ sliding morality.  Leviticus 23 lists prohibitions in the following order: adultery, the sacrificial killing of children, homosexuality and bestiality.  Such abominations were the root cause of the destruction of the ancient pagan nations.  Can this nation avoid a similar fate?

Gary Bauer, reacting to the government policy for the promotion of condoms in pornographic television ads, said: For the first time in our nation’s history, a generation of young Americans is being told by government leaders that, if they will just use condoms, promiscuity is perfectly safe and, in fact, no big deal.”  The Sixties’ revolutionaries, who now head many government agencies, have made free love into official government policy.

3-    Search for a New Spirituality; Magical Mystery Tour

The “Old” spirituality must not be exotic enough for the New Agers; they must now reach out to the occult, magic, extraterrestrial life, Hindu India, Buddhist Japan, multidaemoned China, sorcery, multiple family life, communes,  ‘new religions’, and many other alternative life-styles and meaning systems which have been hitherto foreign.  (Could it be that the ‘old spirituality’ doesn’t allow at all for their decadent behavior, so it’s rejected?)

The ”destructive  generation” has done its work.  It has torn down Western Christian civilization, especially the family.  Social indicators prove that our consciousness has changed.  Victims of the radical social experimentation of the Sixties fill self-help groups.  Having promised freedom, peace and love, the revolution delivered only the freedom of a de-railed train and the peace of a beached fish.

Scott Peck a Sixties psychologist, was amused to find that when he asked a five-hundred member audience how many had been or were currently in therapy, “practically everyone in the auditorium raised their hands.”  The therapeutic age spares no expense or counsel to achieve personal emotional comfort. Yet devotees of the “destructive generation” have gone through one, two, even three divorces in the search for personal freedom.  Their children, lacking strong family structures, have rejected what discipline the parents tried to mete out and turned to peers and drugs for solace.

And the termites continue their relentless march.