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Wednesday, August 4, is the day that Kenyan’s vote on a new constitution that has the potential to stabilize their volatile country, but will also put in place constitutional wording that will produce a similar outcome to “Roe v. Wade.”   That outcome?  Legalized abortion for situations involving the “health of the mother” which, in effect, means abortion upon demand.

UFI has written in past blogs about the illegal intervention of the U.S. in Kenyan politics and the pro-abortion groups who managed to get the controversial abortion language into the proposed constitution.  In last week’s UFI poll we asked this question of our readers:  “Should the U.S. be involved in funding the “Yes” vote on Kenya’s new constitution?”  Virtually every UFI reader/voter said “No!”

We draw your attention to this article on National Review Online.

  • Find out why Joe Biden was in Kenya.
  • How many U.S. taxpayer dollars were spent on the “yes” campaign.
  • What happens if Kenya’s constitution doesn’t pass.
  • Why non-Kenyans should care.
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