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logoportadaOn October 17th over 40 pro-life organizations, including UFI will join together to March for life in Spain.  This huge demonstration will march in support of pregnant woman and in opposition to the Spanish government’s proposal to reform Spain’s abortion laws.

This march will be the second massive demonstration against abortion to take place in Spain this year.  On March 29th over half a million people took to the streets of Madrid to protest planned changes to abortion lays.  UFI and like-minded pro-life groups hope to presents a strong pro-life message to the Spanish government and prevent changes to the abortion laws.

To view the manifesto in defense of life, women and maternity click here: http://www.unitedfamilies.dreamhosters.com/img/spainmarchmanifesto.pdf

To view the website for the march click here (in Spanish): http://cadavidaimporta.org/

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