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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

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college students 3by Diane Robertson

We’re at that time of year where seniors in high school are making choices about what they want to do after graduation. Many are preparing for college, the military or some sort of training beyond high school. My oldest daughter, is there now. In November she quickly filled out an application to the one college she wanted to attend. She gratefully received her acceptance letter last week.

My daughter made her choice based on a few factors. She wanted to attend a university that is affordable. She wanted a religious university where she will meet like-minded students and be taught by religious professors. She did not want to go to a liberal university with drinking parties, prevalent promiscuity, or one where the professors would focus on diversity of sexuality rather than diversity of thought.

We were happy that she had options. As parents, we are at peace to know that when she leaves home she will be going into a safe environment without the classic drinking and promiscuity. We are happy to know that her professors will have to adhere to a code of honor and will be required to be respectful of our daughter’s religious values.

Most universities today are liberal. They make sexual diversity, women’s rights, and abortions rights number one in their teachings and they are notably intolerant to religious ideology. They have problems with drinking, drugs, and rape. If that is the environment a student wants to move to, they probably do not have to look much farther than their nearby state and community colleges.

Few universities seek for religious protections with how they run their schools. Few universities expect their students and staff to sign and live by an honor code. In fact, the number seeking government exemptions to Title IX are 34. That is 34 colleges and universities out of an estimated total of 17,487,475.

What is Title IX and why would some schools seek exemptions? Title IX is the 1972 law that prohibits discrimination in education based on sex (gender). The idea behind the law was that any educational program receiving federal funding had to apply the programs to both boys and girls. In April 2014, the Obama administration decided that Title IX applies to transgender people. With the new application of the law to transgender, this not only extends the law to educational grants and funding, but to elementary schools through university bathroom facilities, locker rooms, and gender specific dorm rooms.

Recently, the largest LGBT activist group in the country, the Human Rights Campaign, is disturbed by the fact that 34 universities and colleges, or .00019% of the total universities and colleges in the United States would be so bold as to ask for religious exemptions to Title IX. They are calling on the Department of Education to address this “disturbing trend”.

The Human Rights Counsel does not want to give religious students a place to learn and get degrees where religious students feel safe. They want every college and university to be the same. They want to completely do away with choice in education and choice in educational environment. They want all colleges and universities to adhere to their view of sexuality, abortion, and diversity. Hopefully, the Department of Education will not comply and the 34 private colleges and universities that adhere to religious beliefs in sexuality will be allowed to continue to offer a choice to students.