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Prince William and Kateby Nathalie Bowman

The birth and naming of Prince William and Kate’s newborn baby has been all over news. The happy occasion is creating a worldwide celebration. The world’s attitude towards Kate’s pregnancy and the birth of the royal baby has breathed new life into the pro-life movement as well.

Steven Ertelt of lifenews.com suggests that pro-choice liberals frequently use words such as “lump of tissue” and “potential person” to describe babies in the womb. But during Kate’s pregnancy, even those liberals referenced the “lump of tissue” in Kate’s womb as a “child,” and that her “baby” would be in line for the throne.

In Ertelt’s article, “Kate and William Announce the Name of their Newborn Baby Girl and It Will Make You Smile,” he answers why the birth of the Royal Baby matters in pro-life circles:

“Beyond the celebration of life that accompanies the birth of a baby and the completion of 9 months growing and developing in her mother’s womb, the birth is an interesting phenomenon because it has billions of people acknowledging the simple fact that a baby is a baby both before and after birth.

As Christian writer Eric Metaxas pointed out during Middleton’s previous pregnancy, the world finally, for once, settled on the fact that a baby before birth is a human baby. While abortion activists normally call a child in the womb anything but a baby or a child, this was one rare occasion where “Royal Baby” won out over “Royal Fetus.”

As Metaxas noted:

The battle over human dignity is waged not just at the local abortion clinic or crisis pregnancy center, nor merely in the halls of Congress or the Supreme Court. It is also carried out in our choice of words….

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