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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

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by Diane Robertson

The organizers for the Women’s March, held in January, have organized another event for March 8th—“A Day Without a Woman”. The organizers are suggesting that women around the world “take the day off, from paid and unpaid labor, avoid shopping for one day (with exceptions for small, women- and minority-owned businesses), or wear RED in solidarity with A Day Without a Woman.”

In most countries in the world, women can work in any career, abortion is legal, women have easy access to birth control, government will often pay for daycare, and there are few standards for dress. What else do women feel oppressed over? Personally, I think it’s the unborn babies who are getting the raw end of the deal, and quite frankly, a woman who wants to stay home with her children finds that goal harder to achieve because of the high cost of living.

So what is this all about? What does this organization want to prove?

They’ve answered that pretty clearly on their website. They said:

“The goal is to highlight the economic power and significance that women have in the US and global economies, while calling attention to the economic injustices women and gender nonconforming people continue to face. We play an indispensable role in the daily functions of life in all of society, through paid & unpaid, seen & unseen labor.

We must have the power to control our bodies and be free from gender norms, expectations and stereotypes. We must free ourselves and our society from the constant awarding of power, agency and resources disproportionately to masculinity, to the exclusion of others.

We must end the hiring discrimination that women, particularly mothers, women of color, women with disabilities, Indigenous women, lesbian, queer and trans women still face each day in our nation. We believe that creating workforce opportunities that reduce discrimination against women and mothers allow economies to thrive. Nations and industries that support and invest in caregiving and basic workplace protections—including benefits like paid family leave, access to affordable childcare, sick days, healthcare, fair pay, vacation time, and healthy work environments—have shown growth and increased capacity.

We believe in Gender Justice and the protection of the human rights of gay, lesbian, bi, queer, trans, Two-Spirit and gender nonconforming people.

We believe in an economy powered by transparency, accountability, security and equity.

We believe that all workers must have the right to organize and fight for a living minimum wage, and that unions and other labor associations are critical to a healthy and thriving economy for all. Undocumented and migrant, farm workers and domestic workers must be included in our labor protections, and we stand in full solidarity with the sex workers’ rights movement. We recognize that exploitation for sex and labor in all forms is a violation of human rights.”

They want abortion. (The power to control their own bodies is code word for abortion on demand.) They want the government to regulate pay. They want to promote homosexuality, and gender non-conforming people, and transgender in society. They want to legalize prostitution. They want the government to pay for childcare, maternity leave, and healthcare. They want the government to regulate all business and workplaces and force them to provide paid vacation and paid sick days. They want to regulate hiring practices. They hate masculinity in men, but not in women.

In brief, the organizers of the “Women’s March” and “A Day Without a Woman” want to see the end of the traditional family and have the government regulate that end. Further, they want to overthrow free enterprise and free government and replace it with a socialistic society and government. They are antifamily, antilife, and antifreedom. And they call it love, fairness, and equality.

I love my free country and my freedom to choose. I do not want to live in a society where everything is regulated, even in the names of equality, fairness, and love.

I think that on March 8th of this year, I will be sure to tell my husband and my five sons how much I appreciate their labors and contributions to our family. I appreciate my husband going to work every day to provide for me and my children. I appreciate my sons taking out the garbage and digging the garden plot. I am so grateful that my husband and sons are brave and always the first to jump up and kill the spiders. I love the men in my life. I wouldn’t want to know what a day would be like without them and I know they wouldn’t want to know what a day would be like without me or my daughters. Family is not family without men and women. And family is not safe without freedom.