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pen mightier than the swordby Diane Robertson

Words are powerful. The phrase “the pen is mightier than the sword” has proven to be true. Today good arguments, science, statistics, philosophy, and religion all fail to the powerful word, “Bigot!” Every discussion ends at that one word. Bombs, guns, or swords could not have changed a society as thoroughly as the frightful word “Bigot”.

And as a result, otherwise sane people have given up something that used to be common: sense.

A mere ten years ago people understood that if a boy liked to play with dolls, then he was a boy who liked to play with dolls. People understood that if a girl liked to wear pants and have short hair, she was just a girl who liked to wear pants and have short hair. People understood that if a three year old girl said she was a boy, then that was no big deal because another three year old girl also said she was a cat. Ten years ago sane parents would not have given their ten year old child hormone blocking pills to stop the onset of puberty, and doctors would not have prescribed it. Parents would not have given their 16 year old daughter male hormones so she would be prepared for a hysterectomy and plastic surgery that would make her genitals look like a man’s and sterilize her for life at age 18.

Medical students wouldn’t have been taught that this is what they must do if a three year child declares they are a different gender or like to play with toys typically associated with the opposite sex. But that is what is being taught to the future doctors.

A medical student who wished to remain anonymous wrote:

“The way it works is that you suppress puberty at 10 years of age (this is reversible if the child later changes their mind), at 15-16 after going through psychological testing if they have passed the testing and still want to proceed they will be given the hormones to begin and complete puberty of the gender that they affirm (this part is not reversible this action is permanent), at 18 they undergo gender reassignment surgery (this surgery will leave children sterile). We were also taught that gender identity (what gender someone feels they are) is determined by the age of 3. That a boy might play with dolls at 5 and 80% of children grow out of this, but if a 5 year old boy says “I’m a girl” when asked “Are you a boy or girl” then this child is likely transgender. That a child after the age of 3 doesn’t often change their answer to the question “are you a boy or girl?” and that by the age of 13 it is extremely rare that they will change their answer to this question. This was stated as fact, but we were not given a source for this information, so I don’t know if they are correct.

For me, what was so shocking about what we were taught are as follows:

No one discussed the side effects of hormone therapy on a 16 year old.

No one questioned that a 16 year old was old enough to make this kind of decision. (I personally wouldn’t want anything I did at 16 to be permanent).

No one brought up the effects of a complete hysterectomy might have on an 18 year old. (Osteoperosis, thyroid problems etc.)”

She continued by stating that despite scientific evidence or the lack there of, the medical professors and medical students accepted this without question. And if anyone dared to question, they were immediately silenced with the all-powerful word, “bigot”.

boy princessThis may not make sense, to insist that parents and doctors take children and alter the entire course of their life because of things they say as children and things they do as teens. Like the medical student, I know that I have changed my mind a lot since the age 16 and even more since the age of three. But sense isn’t common anymore, that is, not when it makes us a bunch of bigots.