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The European Institute for Family Policies (IFP) released the 2009 Report on the Evolution of the Family in Europe last week and it arrived bearing bad news—bad news UFI and other pro-family organizations have been warning against for years.

According to the report presented to the European Parliament on November 11, the situation of the European family is “a desolate panorama.”

“Europe is plunged in an unprecedented demographic winter and has become an elderly continent, with a large birth deficit, fewer marriages and more of them broken, homes emptying,” the report said.

“The aging population, critical birth-rate, escalating abortions, the collapse of marriage, the explosion in family breakups and the emptying of homes are the main problems of Europeans.”

Anyone interested in the state of the family in Europe and the impending demographic winter around the world should take a look at the report. It is clear, easy to understand, and highly enlightening on the enormous impact the anti-family agenda has had on the European population.

Most startling of all are the statistics on abortion. According to the report, one in every five (19%), pregnancies end in abortion in the EU and teenage girls represent one in seven of the more than 1,200,000 abortions every year. Since 1990, over 28 million abortions have been performed in the EU with over half of those occurring in France, Romania and the United Kingdom.

This combined with dropping birth rates, broken families and high-levels of immigration promises a radically different Europe in the very near future.

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