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Here’s the question we asked our UFI readers:

Regarding reproductive technologies, I would, under the right circumstances, consider being a sperm donor, a surrogate mother, Ok for others, but not for me, or both are wrong.

Here’s how readers responded:

“Regarding reproductive technologies, I would, under the right circumstances, consider:

7 percent             Being  a sperm donor

13 percent           Being a surrogate mother

69 percent           Both are wrong

15 percent           Ok  for others, but not for me

This question, of course, is a very personal one.  Reproductive technologies are a great blessing to many; it has opened the door to married couples that may never have had children.  However, technologies associated with reproduction are becoming increasingly controversial.   There are also significant dangers that arise from egg donation and conflicts abound in surrogacy arrangements.

Society needs to scrutinize carefully techniques and policies that can open the door to a child never knowing one of their parents such as is the case with most sperm donations and situations where homosexuals obtain children to the exclusion of the one of their biological parents.  Children need BOTH their mother and their father in a married home.  They need to know their history and their heritage.

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