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China has been involved in coercive abortion for years, driven primarily by a perceived need to enforce their appalling program known as the “one child policy.”  But did you know that forced abortion is happening in the U.S. as well?  Consider this case reported on last week by the Philadelphia Dailey News.

Here’s a brief synopsis:  A pregnant teen in the foster care system was threatened by a case worker at the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) that the pregnant teen’s one-year old child would be taken from her if she did not abort her pregnancy.  The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services (DHS) had asked for a family court order approving the state to take her in for an abortion-despite the fact that the teen’s mom refused to consent.  After a failed attempt to obtain an abortion for the teen, the DHS worker, herself, transported the now 24-week pregnant teen across state lines into New Jersey to obtain the abortion.

When the pregnant teen walked through the door at 8:30 that night, her foster mom asked her “what happened?” The girl replied, “The baby is dead.” According to the Philadelphia Daily News, “The teen told her that [DHS worker Cynthia] Brown had taken her out of school to get an abortion in New Jersey.”

The girl’s original social worker was fired for refusing to participate in the abortion. “They hired me to work in child protection, not to kill children,” she said.

If this story is being reported accurately, there is a violation of so many rights that we don’t know where to begin:

  • First and  foremost an unborn child’s right to life
  • A young mother who is harassed until she agrees to abort her child.  So much for the “pro-choice” mantra that we hear ad nauseum.
  • A total disregard for parental rights (both the teen’s and her mother’s)
  • The original social worker fired for not going along with the abortion.  There goes “conscience rights” out the window.
  • Taxpayer dollars spent on abortion (according to the news article the city paid for the abortion)
  • A judge ordering someone to have an abortion

And this is America.  What next.

You can read the news report here.