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When asked “What is the greatest predictor of juvenile violence and crime?” most people will respond “poverty.”   It is a common misperception; one that media and popular culture continues to perpetuate.  But the UFI readers and supporters weren’t fooled.  They understand the importance of family and know the costs of family breakdown.  Here’s how they responded to the question:

What is the greatest predictor of juvenile violence and crime?

Poverty                                                           6 percent

Neighborhood environment                      0 percent

Fatherlessness                                                 94 percent

Lack of Education                                             0 percent

This week’s Family Poll Question:

Does it bother you when abortion is referred to as a Holocaust?

Yes, it’s very inappropriate

No, because that’s what it is

It is, but I’d rather people not make that comparison

*To answer this week’s question, go to www.unitedfamilies.org Scroll down and you’ll see the Family Poll question on the left.

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