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Divorce, broken egg shellThere is much discussion as to whether or not the gay community should be able to marry.  It’s one of the hottest debates of the day, and has given all involved in the deliberation opportunity to take a good look at marriage; what it represents, its significance in society, its merits and how it should be identified to preserve the character, strength and wisdom of our society’s mores.

In our desperation to “define,” “preservation” has taken a back seat position.

Matt Walsh has addressed the issue as only Matt Walsh can.  His take on this matter of marriage preservation is filled with a straight-talking perspective that should be examined.

We quote bits and pieces from his blog

“Divorces are as common as flat tires, and they often happen for reasons nearly as frivolous.”

“The institution of marriage is crumbling beneath us; it’s under attack, it’s mortally wounded, it’s sprawled out on the pavement with bullet wounds in its back, coughing up blood and gasping for breath. And guess who did this? It wasn’t Perez Hilton or Elton John, I can tell you that.  This is the work of divorce.”

“I am an opponent of gay marriage, but we here in the “sanctity of marriage” camp are tragically too afraid to approach the thing that is destroying marriage faster than anything else ever could. Gay marriage removes from marriage its procreative characteristic, but rampant divorce takes away its permanent characteristic. It makes no sense to concentrate all of our energy on the former while all but ignoring the latter.”

“So whose fault is it that the institution of marriage is beaten and broken? I don’t think we want to contemplate that question, for fear that we might see ourselves in the answer.”

“Should laws be written to “defend marriage”? Sure, and let’s start with legislation to make divorces at least somewhat harder to obtain than a magazine subscription. How serious are we about this? Anyone up for a law to criminalize adultery? What about putting some restrictions on re-marriage?”

“There are certainly times when a couple has no choice but to go their separate ways. What else can you do in cases of serial abuse or serial adultery, or when one party simply abandons the other? But infidelity and abuse do not explain the majority of divorces in this country, and they are not the leading causes of break-ups. According to these “experts,” the top causes of divorce are a lack of individual identity, “getting into it for the wrong reasons,” and “becoming lost in the roles.” A survey done by the National Fatherhood Institute found lack of communication, and finances to be the leading culprits. An article in The Examiner also cites finances as the most potent divorce-fuel.”

“In other words, these days marriages can be blown apart by the slightest gust of wind, coming from any direction, and for any reason. Noticeably absent from all of these polls about the reasons for divorce: gay marriage. That’s because gay marriage is not the biggest threat to marriage. We are.”

“We are, when we vow on our very souls to stand by someone for the rest of our lives, until death do us part, only to let financial troubles and communication difficulties dissolve that union we forged before God.”

“When we marry, we die. Our old selves die, and we are born anew into each other; into the unbreakable marital bond.”

“We are a threat to the sanctity of marriage when we let our selfishness fool us into thinking that our wedding vows weren’t that serious. Indeed, despite popular sentiment, they were serious. They are serious. They’re as serious as death. The struggle to protect marriage is also serious. It’s an important battle.”

“So maybe it’s time we actually start fighting it.”

For more Matt Walsh go to http://themattwalshblog.com

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