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prehistoricAre your beliefs regarding marriage as being one man and one woman really so prehistoric?

Diane Robertson

If you believe that marriage should not be redefined or perhaps that children need both their mother and their father, then it is possible you have been told to “come into the 21st century”. I have heard such an expression many a time. Somehow people are convinced that redefining marriage defines our time, and if you are not on board with the new marriage, then you are living in the past. The reality points mainly to the contrary.

Of more than 200 nations worldwide only 17 have redefined marriage to include same sex couples. Two additional nations (The United States and Mexico) have allowed same sex marriages regionally. In all that makes up a mere 9% of the world, and certainly much less than 9% of the total world population. It is doubtful that 91% of the world is tardy in coming into the 21st century.

Even in Europe, the most “progressive” region in the world, has only ten nations redefining marriage. Last week, the highest human rights court over the European Union judged it unnecessary to force the other 37 nations in that Union out of the dark ages and into the 21st Century. The judges ruled that European human rights law does not require countries to “grant access to marriage to same-sex couples.”

So next time you are told how old fashioned or behind the times you are, do not fret, in reality, the majority of the world agrees with you.


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