“Why is the Government Trying to Force Me to Divorce My Wife?”

“Why is the Government Trying to Force Me to Divorce My Wife?”

“My wife and I would be better off getting divorced,” concludes the author of an article that’s getting a lot of attention on the blogs.    Scott Sumner is lamenting on what amounts to extra taxes that he must pay because he is married.  In fact Mr. Sumner has even calculated the amount that the “marriage penalty” costs him:  “here’s something I can say for sure.  If we did get divorced to save $80,000 to $100,000 in taxes over our lifetime, you’d never know about it.  It would be between us and the IRS.”

UFI has written many times in the past about the “marriage penalty” and the inconsistent message sent to citizens by encouraging couples to marry and then taxing them more heavily than their unmarried and cohabiting contemporaries.   Why a government would more heavily tax those who are participating in such a crucial social institution as marriage, escapes us.

We don’t agree with everything that the author of this very interesting piece has to say, but you will be entertained and enlightened on a topic that doesn’t get much attention—and it should.

To read the entire article go here.

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  • Choice and Accountability
    Posted at 21:17h, 31 August

    It’s really quite simple. Stable marriages between men and women lead to responsible procreation and independent living, without relying heavily on the nanny state to meet personal financial, social, emotional, spiritual, (etc.) needs. However, this administration would like nothing better than to further, drastically, the power of the nanny state, not because it wants to care for its citizens, but because it revels in the powers which are inherent in a nanny state. This power grab can only come about if the natural family and marriage are fractured to the point of meaninglessness, leaving individuals heavily reliant upon govt., as opposed to family, to meet their needs. They pay the price for this dependence w/ their personal freedoms, but it’s a price the nanny state is quite happy to exact, and the foolish to pay. Hence, higher taxes punishing married couples.

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