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Here’s the question we asked our readers:

“Is it appropriate for a college professor to breastfeed her baby during a class lecture?”

Here’s how readers responded:

18 Percent           Yes, what’s the big deal

9 Percent             Only if there’s no other option

73 Percent           No

0 Percent             Can’t decide

 We came to ask this question because of the news story about the controversy swirling around a college professor who breastfed her baby during a lecture.  Breastfeeding is exceptionally beneficial for babies and their mothers.   We at United Families International are definitely “pro” breastfeeding.  However, we wonder about the wisdom (and the propriety) of breastfeeding a baby while delivering a lecture.  It would seem that both students and the baby deserve better.

When an individual is hired to teach a class, or for that matter to perform any job, that person needs to give their full attention to the job at hand.  Unless it is agreed to in advance by the employer, a child should not be such a prominent feature in a work environment.  To say the child, in this situation, is an unwarranted distraction seems to be understatement.  The college professor had a professional obligation to make other arrangements for her child or to find a substitute.

Anyone else want to weigh in?


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