Protect against Title IX and submit a comment by September 12, 2022.

The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

A government portal has been set up for you to make a comment submission.  It is very straight-forward and easy to do.  In addition, this governmental body is required to read every submission, large and small – before they can finalize the new “Rule.”  So rest assured, your input will be read and considered.


family with iphonesBy Patrick Williams

Are we overly-available to the rest of the world?  Think for a moment.  How hard is it for someone to get a hold of you?  How quick are you to drop everything to respond to a text or check on an update someone sends to you through one of your social media apps?  How often does this change or affect what you are doing?  What about the other many forms of media we use each day?  Is your day a waste if you don’t get some quality time with your media?  Are we using these things to our best interest or to our detriment?  I would suggest that perhaps we focus a lot on the benefits of new technologies while sometimes forgetting to weigh the cost.

Now I will ask a different question.  When was the last time you went out with your family for the day, leaving technology out of the picture?

Observe Georges Seurat’s popular painting, Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte.

Afternoon in park

What a beautiful painting!  I wish every day were like this!  How would you feel about this masterpiece if everyone in it were looking down at tablets and smartphones?  For me, that would drain the delight from my experience in viewing it.

When was the last time that that you considered time spent with others as “quality” time?  How important is it to you to get that new high score?  How important is it to know what everyone is doing all the time and to have them recognize daily your existence through the social media?  Are your children, friends, and family learning that more important to you is the need to connect to the world at large, rather than to strengthen personal bonds with them?  If you want an existence then go exist somewhere other than digital space.  I challenge anyone who reads this to put down the technology and look up more often.  Step outside.  Go for a walk.  Play with your kids.  Technology is a tool, not a life.