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children on trampoline

by Nathalie Bowman

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon. Dinner was over and my husband and I remained at the table, enjoying a conversation without the noise of the family. I glanced out the window and watched three of my sons and my daughter play on the trampoline. There was an intense battle going on in the imaginations of the children, and it was being played out before my eyes. I cringed as I watched fists being thrust at each other, boys being tackled and thrown down, and our little 4 year old girl doing somersaults and jumping all around them, her blond hair sticking straight out with static. She was a little princess helping the warriors save the castle. They were having a grand time releasing pent up energy from sitting in church earlier that day, and I was just waiting for the fight to get real and someone to get hurt (which didn’t happen).

As I watched my children pretend and play, I began to enjoy the scene before my eyes. Their world was perfect in that moment. Tummies were full, the sun was shining, and there were siblings to play with. I allowed their joy to infuse my heart, and relished being their mother. This was definitely one of those rewarding paybacks for me. Watching my children have so much fun together with their imaginations going wild was an absolute delight.

Family life can take its toll with stress, busyness and worry. Taking care of children is a very demanding full time job. We get lost in the stress and the desires we have for everything to be perfect. It can get very frustrating. In spite of all the stress that comes with parenthood, there are many delightful moments.

Take the time to observe and enjoy the random delightful moments that are created in your home. Share with your children how much you enjoyed watching them and have them tell you the story of their play. Jump in and play with them – and allow them to tell you what they want you to do. This will provide a wonderful opportunity to connect and will put huge deposits in your child’s love bank (and in yours).

Being a child can be absolutely delightful. Encourage your children to free play and pretend. Take more time off electronics and play together. Allow the play time to be a stress release for you and your children as you either play with them, or enjoy watching them play. Either way, your children will know you are interested in them, and you will fill the love bank with fun family memories. Take some time to play today!


outdoor32012Nathalie Bowman is a mother of eight children, and is passionate about helping families heal their hearts and homes so they can live happily ever after.