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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

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mother readingby Diane Robertson

Many women today want to make a difference in the world—they want to be part of something important. To them that means doing well in school, going to a big name college and succeeding in their career of choice. Some women think it means traveling abroad or helping with a political cause. Often, women put off marriage and motherhood to achieve this goal. What women of today do not realize is that women have always made a difference in the world. Women have always shaped history. For good or ill, women have been the force behind every important event in the history of the world. They have done this as mothers.

It took an entire generation of thoughtful mothers to raise the faithful, Godly, and courageous men that started a revolution and valiantly fought for freedom. One man could not have done it alone. The world needed a generation of men good enough to fight the Revolutionary War and write the U.S. Constitution. That valiant generation could not have happened without an entire generation of mothers faithfully caring for their children.

It took a strong generation to rid the United States of slavery. Those men and women were first taught and influenced by strong mothers. A generation of mothers raised the children bold enough to stop the Jim Crow laws and segregation in America.

It took many mothers to raise the generation that founded communism and allowed millions murdered in Russia and China. It took many mothers to raise the generation that founded the sexual revolution and began the break-down of families.

And today it will take a generation of mothers to reverse this break down and bring up a generation ready to save the family. History begins with the choices of mothers.

Women have many choices today. Yet a woman in the board room will have less impact on the world then her great grandmother who hung diapers on the line to dry.

A woman can hardly do more than to marry and raise influential children. Every diaper change, every home cooked meal, every story read, every lullaby sang, every conversation, every trip to church, every bit of neglect, or abuse shapes the world and prepares the next generation. No woman is ever “just a mother”. No career has as much power to shape history and change the world as that of mother. For good or ill, mothers will be the ones to change the world.