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transgender 4by Erin Weist

Just like most weeks, I read a lot of news articles this past week.  And, to be blunt, many of them were frankly frightening.  Most of these articles were surrounding transgender issues.  Gender identity, while still a fledgling area with insufficient basis of scientific knowledge, has become a political battering ram.  Target started by indicating they will allow bathroom use in their stores based on gender identity.  North Carolina is gripped in battle with the Department of Justice over a recently passed law likewise regarding gender identity and bathroom use.  The week of gender identity bathroom issues culminated with the US Department of Education and Department of Justice issuing a “directive” that all US schools allow kids to use bathrooms, locker rooms, etc. based on their gender identity.


Part of the problem I see with all of these issues is that none of them describe gender identity.  There is no scientific, or even logical, agreed-upon definition of describing gender identity.  Furthermore, these definitions are not required to be backed by medical scrutiny or diagnosis, simply by self-identification.  By this logic, a boy who is born male simply needs to say “I identify as female” to receive unrestricted access to girls’ bathrooms and locker rooms, or schools risk losing funding and open themselves to lawsuits.


This group of families sued their school district over a similar issue, a transgender policy instituted without discussion or agreement by families whose children attend the high school.  This particular policy was instituted because of one individual who, although the school made every effort to bend over backward to make accommodations, was distressed that it appeared “the school didn’t accept [her] as a female.”  And here is the crux of the problem.  We’ve created societies of such extreme tolerance and equality that we’ve essentially destroyed individualism.  A mentality that says, “you must embrace my lifestyle or I will feel bad and that makes you the bad guy” is more than a dangerous slippery slope.  It is insanity.


For example, I don’t agree with nudists.  They believe in a certain lifestyle, but they are also subject to laws, just like everyone else, including ones regarding human decency.  I would take issues with a nudist suing for tolerance and equality for their lifestyle the same as I would with anyone going against laws of human decency.  A boy with unrestricted access to a girls’ locker room is insanity and indecent, not tolerance.  And it seems clear that other factors are at play here, factors that cut at the root of a sane society, like one that understands the clear delineations between male & female.  I have read several articles like this one declaring alternate agendas for the “tolerance” movement, views that make it clear that we haven’t even seen the tip of the iceberg.  How long before it forces its way into my home?


You think that you’re protected because we have rights in our homes?  Think again.  This case in Canada proves otherwise: a man dictated to by the courts on how he is allowed to raise his child, because it was deemed that someone else knew better.  A judge who believes that tolerance and acceptance are more important than truth and parental guidance.  A court who dictates a father must call his daughter “he” and allow her use of damaging hormone blockers.  Now the court will be able to decide whether his daughter will receive unbiased counselling to address underlying causes of gender dysphoria or whether she will continue to be groomed by transgender activists and transgender therapists.  These court-ordered decisions made their way into this dad’s life, how long before they make their way into yours?  One of the most recent politically powerful groups, Planned Parenthood (seriously, why are they still calling themselves that?) isjumping on the bandwagon as well.  They have shown their imperviousness to indictment and their skill at negotiating laws in their favor.  What will the next step be?
Now is not the time to be silent or complacent.  Now is the time to stand up for the life-affirming truths of biological sex and the natural, god-given role of mother & father.  Now is the time to stand up for children who need guidance and who are taught their place in the universe irrespective of how others view them.  Now is the time for truth, not political posturing or enabling of damaging behaviors.  I believe it’s important to still reach out and embrace others and their differences, to love & to teach just as Jesus Christ did, but at some point there will be a sifting.  Where will you be?