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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

A government portal has been set up for you to make a comment submission.  It is very straight-forward and easy to do.  In addition, this governmental body is required to read every submission, large and small – before they can finalize the new “Rule.”  So rest assured, your input will be read and considered.


Rachel Allison

Today I am thankful for a mother who chose a husband who would love his family and be devoted to his responsibilities to us…a selfless hard-working man who was loyal and faithful to her, his children and his faith in God.

I am grateful to a father who chose a wife who above all else would be selfless and committed to her family.  Our dad chose a woman capable and willing to teach and train us to be true to our faith in God, responsible in our duties and assignments, hard working and thrifty.  The result of her time and effort helped us develop self-confidence in our capabilities and discerning in our desires for the success we sought in life.

Their decisions made all the difference in the lives of their eight children.

My mind has returned to Maddi Gillel’s UFI article last Thursday that referred to the lowering of the watermark.  I fear for a society that allows this to happen.  Students of American history have read and even observed the improvement of each generation as education, hard work, thrift, and integrity have been applied. What is happening when this improvement stops…or worse, when it regresses?  I would venture to guess that part of it stems from the choices made by young men unwisely choosing the mother of their children, and young women unwisely selecting the father of their children.  This selection of love and marriage is not primarily about sex, or even companionship.  In my opinion it’s about the conscious decision to form a loving, and solid family unit, with hopes of creating children to bless that families’ love and devotion to each other.

When a society (Hollywood…grrrr!) starts dictating what love is supposed to be, and when there are men and women naïve enough to fall for love based on the shallowness of looks and glamour, a weakened family is the result, and unless a course correction is made and attitudes selflessly mature that weakened family could be destined to crumble.

Give me a society that rises above Hollywood “values,” and I’ll place bets on that society raising the watermark for love, family values, and prosperity.