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Kaitlin Jennerby Rebecca Mallory

Usually the trash on social media just makes me shake my head in sorrow for the lost morons who gobble this stuff up. However, this whole Bruce Jenner thing needs to have the other side addressed. It is not only disgusting, but extremely dangerous because of the mixed messages that it sends. This is not about a man who thinks he’s a woman. It’s about shoving an agenda down our throats and making millions of dollars while doing it. Why do we insist on normalizing destructive behavior? And don’t you dare disagree or voice an opposite opinion! Especially you close-minded conservative, bigoted, homophobe, Christian kooks! With the bombardment of the media, you’d think you were the only close-minded weirdo left. Guess what percentage of people there are in the gay and transvestite community? Less than 2%. Can you believe that?? Yet many are loud, obnoxious, and militant so it seems like a much higher number. It’s time we voiced our opinion.

Here’s the bottom line, Bruce is still a man. Cosmetic surgery and injecting synthetic hormones will never change the internal workings and organs of a human being. That pesky Mother Nature… ruining all our fun again. Kind of puts a kink in the old “they’re born that way” philosophy. It’s tragic that Jenner’s always felt he was a woman. I admit that I have never had same sex attraction or transgender leanings and I have sincere empathy for anyone who struggles with these tendencies. What would make me truly empathetic would be if “Cait” was suddenly plagued with hot flashes, night sweats, thinning hair, severe mood swings, belly fat, and suddenly getting paid 70 cents on the dollar compared to a real man. But I contend that there is a much more lucrative motivation here.

An amusing part of this whole thing is what it must be doing to the feminists around the country. In an age where it is taboo to objectify women, that men are pigs who gawk at a practically naked woman on a magazine cover, low and behold, here comes “Cait” in full blown sex-object garb debuting to the world that he/she is a beautiful 65 year old (extremely photo-shopped) woman to be gawked at and fawned over. Society has told us that we cannot, under any circumstance, disagree or show any kind of disgust with this vile revelation. Let me just be clear about one thing. If you were born a man and think you’re a woman, or vice versa, have at it. But do not make a complete spectacle and bombard me with a barrage of “hey, look at me and how brave I am!” nonsense that I am just supposed to swallow and applaud. Not going to happen. My beliefs, which last I checked in the constitution says I have a God-given right to, say this is wrong. Take Charity, now Chaz Bono, for instance. “He” came out with very little fanfare, huge media blitz, or “in your face” television special to shock the world and in the end make millions. His choice. Have at it. Jenner has deeper and more cash-conscious motives. This isn’t rocket science, folks.

It’s laughable to read and watch the mainstream media’s reaction to this situation. One commentator was horrified that “Cait” didn’t come out in a dignified pantsuit instead of skimpy bathing suit. Seriously?? Since when did pantsuit pinups sell magazines?? Starting to see the motivation here? (This would be a great place to discuss free market Capitalism as well as supply and demand, but I will restrain myself.)

While conservatives had their own list of complaints about this national celebration, the more intriguing ones came from the left. For instance, many people criticized the Vanity Fair cover of Jenner as a pinup. “One step forward for Caitlyn Jenner, one step back for womankind,” Eric Sasson complained in The New Republic. “As a media sensation, Jenner had many choices for how to reveal herself to us, so the fact that she chose a way that only reinforces how much our society objectifies women is a bit distressing,” he explained.

Jonah Goldberg lamented on “Townhall” this week, ” Fawning is mandatory, dissent forbidden. Babbling morning hosts cooed over the Internet “buzz” (which they were fueling). Somehow they forgot to mention that a hefty portion of it expressed sadness, disgust and outrage at all the pandering .This publicity barrage is selling a new series on the cable channel E! titled “I Am Cait.” You can now see all the gears and pulleys of this publicity machine. Bruce stuck with male pronouns in the first stage with ABC, so that they could make a drama out of the actual rollout of “Caitlyn Jenner.” Every sensitive liberal soul is carefully taught that Bruce is a male until he decides that he’s not. He changes his name for a new TV show. At that precise moment, everyone joins the pronoun revolution. Isn’t this whole linguistic regime tremendously convenient for a publicist?

   The dominant theme of the pandering is how “brave” Bruce Jenner is, from President Obama’s tweets to every other liberal in America. ESPN will be giving him a “Courage Award” at their upcoming ESPY Awards show.

Let’s call it for what it is folks. Brave? Hardly. You know what brave is? Soldiers who are serving our country right this minute with no clear objective of why they’re putting themselves in harm’s way because of no definitive foreign policy. Brave are the wounded warriors who come home having lost limbs or suffering from PTSD as they watched their buddies blown up by Islamic militant animals who do not value human life. Brave defines the thousands of children who each day, face another round of chemotherapy or some other treatment for potentially fatal diseases. But Bruce Jenner? Not brave. Self-aggrandizing, shocking, degrading… anything but brave. And when you have a pandering media that refuses to recognize an iota of morality, that’s called lazy, spineless, and pathetic.

Changing the subject just a tad, anyone been reading about the now grown up children of same-sex parents? The vast majority of them feel “cheated that they didn’t have a father figure in the home”. Ever hear about those stats? Of course not. Because it doesn’t fit the liberal agenda which fills the coffers of Vanity Fair, E! Entertainment television, or the Bruce Jenners of the world. How screwed up will these poor children be with these mixed messages that money is King of this world? C’mon America. Can we stop glamorizing destructive behavior?