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Here’s the question we asked UFI readers:

 “In the current cultural and moral environment, is it more challenging and difficult to raise boys or to raise girls?”

Here’s how readers responded:

46 Percent                           Boys

54 Percent                           Girls

Perhaps you, too, have heard this question tossed around by parents struggling through some challenging period with one of their children.  After putting the question up on our website, we started asking the question around to friends and family.   It was interesting to note that usually men said that girls were harder to raise and women said “boys.”   Although we have no way of knowing what percentage of men vs. women responded to this poll, it would seem that the numbers are fairly representative of a 50/50 split in opinion.  Obviously, slightly more people did seem to think girls are more challenging.

This is contrary to the message put forth by last week’s lead WEEKLY NEWS article:  “Sacrificing Boys to Promote Girls” where Janice Crouse discusses how contemporary culture – and even the education system – works against young men.

It seems in our haste to ensure “equality” we have let the pendulum swing too far to the other side and our boys are paying a high price because of it.   Correcting that imbalance creates a huge parenting challenge.

Be sure to read the article: CROUSE: Sacrificing boys to promote girls – Washington Times


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