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Members of United Families International joined with other pro-family organizations and Utah state legislators in a press conference to encourage Utah’s Attorney General not to oppose the California law prohibiting minors from purchasing ultra-violent and sexually explicit video games.  This press conference was in response to a recent Salt Lake Tribune report, that Utah’s “Attorney General Mark Shurtleff said Thursday he is talking with a number of his colleagues from other states who are working on a potential friend-of-the-court brief opposing California’s law.”

United Families Utah’s Laura Bunker also spoke at the press conference, explaining, “These are not just war games. They are ultra-violent video games that use pornography and animated sexual acts as rewards for reaching higher levels. Rather than opposing this measure to protect children, Utah should join the eleven other states in support of it.”   We applaud the eleven states and their Attorneys General that have risen to the support of California’s common-sense law and urge Utah’s Attorney General and other states’ Attorneys General to not get involved on behalf of the video game industry and in support of the canard that California’s law infringes on a minor’s freedom of speech.

To see media coverage of this issue and a video of United Families Utah’s efforts, go to these links:


To learn more about the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court case and the issues surrounding Violent Video Games vs. Free speech and the impact to our children, go here.

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