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On Tuesday at 12pm ET, September 8th, US President Barak Obama will deliver a national address to the public school students of America.  According to the US Department of Education the president will challenge students to work hard, set education goals, and take responsibility for their learning.  This address will be broadcast from the White House into classrooms all across America.

This broadcast has caused quite an uproar from parents across the US who are concerned because this speech has not been screened for political content.  This speech has also not been reviewed by State Education Boards and local school boards which, under state laws, must approve curriculum.

Some schools have chosen to not show the broadcast due to the overwhelming opposition and concern of parents.  Some schools are allowing parents to pull their children out of class during the broadcast. Other schools are giving parents no options but to send their children to view this speech despite their personal concerns.

Obama’s recent “I Pledge” video being shown in a Utah Elementary school has caused some parents to be concerned about the content of the broadcast Tuesday.  Parents have taken offence to statements in the video such as that by Anthony Kiedis, of the band “Red Hot Chili Pepers,” saying “I pledge allegiance to the funk, to the united funk of funkadelica” and “I pledge to be of service to Barak Obama.”


This video has caused many parents to be concerned about the message Obama plans to send to the children of the US on Tuesday.

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