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Here’s the question we asked UFI readers:

Is it a good idea for schools to require parental consent in order for students to participate in a school club?”

Here’s how readers responded:

98 Percent               Yes

 2 Percent                 No

We asked this question in response to a news story about a high school in Idaho doing away with a requirement that parental consent forms were necessary as part of participation in school clubs.  Some have argued that the school did away with the requirement as a result of pressure from gay activists, but the school insists that because their policy was inconsistently enforced, they decided to do away with it entirely.

We would argue that it is more critical than ever to have parental involvement in the schools and do not see it as onerous or difficult to require that a parent be aware of and give consent to what a student is doing before or after school.   Our children and our schools would be better served if administrators returned to a focus of keeping the parents in the loop instead of a continued encroachment upon parental rights.

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