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The last thing that you expect when your child boards the school bus is that they will be berated for their beliefs and political positions— by the bus driver no less. If you don’t think that traditional and conservative values are under relentless attack, watch this video.


It is bizarre, but not unheard of, that a bus driver should think that part of their job is to lecture and indoctrinate a student to their way of thinking. But it is outrageous that school administrators would not see a problem with the bus driver’s behavior. Both the bus driver and the school need to be held accountable. If it takes the parent’s filing a lawsuit to get their attention and to send a message to all those who think that their job is to indoctrinate someone else’s children—so be it.

Unfortunately we live in a time when our children may be subjected to this type of political correctness, brainwashing and sometimes bullying by those who purport to know what’s best. The National Education Association (NEA) is complicit with this type of brainwashing as is academia as a whole. Prepare your children for when their values and beliefs may be challenged. Keep those lines of communication open so you know if there is a problem. Maybe it should be part of the “stranger danger” conversation. What occurred with this young student while riding the bus is definitely strange and it is absolutely dangerous.

If you’d like to communicate your feelings on this situation, you can reach the Superintendent of this Indiana School District at (317) 844-9961, Ext. 1048

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