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No telling your child to go to church, no spanking, no input on the information that your child may be receiving—these are things that the UN Treaty:   Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) could be dictating to parents.  The CRC has never been ratified by the U.S., but if the Hilary Clinton and the Obama administration have their way, it soon could be.

United Families International has actively opposed this treaty since its origination in the UN system.  We regularly see its negative affects in other countries and how the language from this treaty is used to promote radical social policy.  This upcoming year will bring lots of attention to this treaty as the UN prepares to celebrate the International Year of Youth.   In the U.S. we expect a major push for the CRC in either the “lame duck” session or early next year.

This is a video (filmed some weeks ago) that gives some insights into the potential dangers of this treaty.  You can also get some more detailed information on the CRC here.


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