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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

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by Jackie Bowles

Recently our school district invited parents to a Human Growth and Development (Sex Education) overview night. The presentation briefly stated the subjects that would be covered in the Human Growth and Development classes for grades 3-8. The summary was basically a one word overview for each day’s lessons, taught over a 3 day period. When questions were asked about what would be covered, the presenter consistently gave vague responses. She did however confirm that it was an abstinence only curriculum. They don’t get into the “nitty-gritties” according to her but just cover the basics. A parent asked if there would be videos presented, and the presenter confirmed that there were videos. She said that parents could come into her office to view them; however the list of videos was never made available to the parents.   I came away from the meeting no more educated on what my children would be learning about than I did before the meeting. So what is really being taught during these classes? Could I as a parent sit in on these classes so that I know what is being taught, or can I have the full curriculum that the teachers would be using so I know exactly what is being taught?

My first child participated one year in Human Growth and Development because I was somewhat naïve and uneducated. Last year, however, I had a different plan.   I chose to take my child out of school during the time growth and development was being taught and have my own discussion with my child. I really enjoyed this one to one time to teach, in my own way, changes that take place as the body matures. We covered all the subjects that were outlined by the school, but also were able to add a spiritual aspect to the topic. This was the perfect private time for questions or concerns.   I found this experience to be a good one and will definitely continue this in the future for all of my children.

Please be aware that there are many programs out there. Although it has been common for schools to teach abstinence, there is a growing trend, especially in high school, of switching to a comprehensive sexual education curriculum (i.e. FLASH, etc.). This is a curriculum that teaches “anything goes”. As Arizona Right to Life President Jason Walsh put it after reviewing 3 curriculums presented by my local high school district, “It’s really an ideology of ‘anything goes, whatever feels natural to you, just roll with it. Anything goes, as long as it feels right, and if anything doesn’t feel right, explore it.”

One of the biggest advocates of this type of curriculum has been Planned Parenthood. How is teaching sexual promiscuity going to help our children or our society? Why would I want Planned Parenthood dictating what my children are taught?

Here are a few good resources for you to become more educated on sexual education.

You may not find it necessary to pull your child out of Human Growth and Development, but you should be aware of what is being taught. Learn what programs are being offered in your schools, and if needed make your voice heard with your school district.   Have open discussions with your child about intimacy, and let your children know that they can come to you with any question. Human intimacy is a sacred and special power between man and woman. Who better to teach children the sacredness and responsibility of this intimacy than from their own parents?