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Christmas tree with vegetablesAnn Bailey

You can’t sing Christmas Carols or say Merry Christmas.  You can’t put up a nativity scene or read the Christmas story from the Bible.  You can’t do any of this at your child’s school? That’s what groups like the Freedom from Religion want you to believe and much of the population has bought into it.  But what are the facts?

The attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom have put together a fact sheet addressing the myths surrounding “Christmas and Public Schools.”   It is worth going to and reading the list in full.  You can see it here.  But here’s the short version:

  • You CAN sing Christmas Carols at public schools
  • A teacher CAN wish her students “Merry Christmas”
  • You CAN put up a Christmas Tree at school
  • You CAN read use the term “Christmas Holiday”

School administrators have been “brow beat” and cowed into thinking that the word “Christmas” has to disappear from our schools.  So have public officials who choose to remove a nativity scene or a “Christmas” tree from public places rather than stand up to the “secular police” and their legal bullies.

Don’t fall for it!   Encourage schools to maintain their traditions – no insist that schools continue their very legal Christmas traditions.  It’s a great time of year and your children should be allowed to enjoy it to its fullest.

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