Results of Family Poll: “Should businesses have the right to refuse service?”

Results of Family Poll: “Should businesses have the right to refuse service?”

This poll received an unusually high number of people participating.  This topic was generated because of the news story out of Britain about a small hotel owner who was fined for refusing service to a same-sex couple. There is also news story about Walgreens and a pharmacist refusing to provide a drug related to an abortion.

“Do you believe that businesses should have the “right to refuse service to anyone?”

“Yes”                     91 percent

“No”                      7 percent

“Undecided”      2 percent

We received a kind letter from a Canadian gentleman letting us know that didn’t give enough clarification to the question.  He explained that we needed to qualify the question by stating “private-sector businesses” and “non-essential services” businesses.  Perhaps he is correct, but we struggled with the notion that there even are “government businesses” – what might those be – maybe utility companies?  But we do acknowledge that adding “non-essential services” businesses would have made for a better question.

UFI’s position on this question:  A business does have the right to refuse services to individuals as long as it is a non-essential service.  We’ll leave the definition of “non-essential” to you.

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  • Maggie
    Posted at 21:44h, 02 February

    Also, there is no prescription pill that is ANY WAY related to abortion – if you did any research at all on the reaction between the chemistry of the pill and the biology of a woman’s body, than you would know that.

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