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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

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guns 2by Rebecca Mallory

They’re back at it again! Stretching the truth about guns. For decades some politicians and others in our society have been trying desperately to render the second amendment to the constitution, and even the constitution itself, useless and old-fashioned. Why is that? Do they truly care about the dangers of guns or is it something else? How many times has an evil gun jumped off a shelf and murdered someone? Yup. That would be zero.

Could it have anything to do with broken homes? A culture of violence? Continuing the victim mentality and convincing people that there’s no way out for them? Unchecked mental illness? Political correctness run amok? Oh no. We can’t go there. Too messy. We may hurt some feelings. Let’s do it the easy way. We must simply take the guns of law-abiding citizens. That will show we really care. If you’re a hardened criminal, are you shaking in your boots?  Going to hand over your guns now? Not a chance. You just know you’ve got a lot more opportunity to commit terror on the submissive law-abiding citizens.

I contend that it is merely about power and government intrusion. The evidence of this is fairly evident. For example, it is a foregone conclusion that Hollywood is pretty darn liberal and touts those ideals, but let’s look at some of the box office hits that make them millions. They hypocritically glorify guns and violence and often sympathize with the bad guys. That’s what sells, folks. Money talks. But then they turn around and belittle us as “clinging to our God and guns” as if that was a bad thing. Know why? It’s not about guns. It’s about control.

I have a gun under the driver’s seat of my car. My husband has one too and several others.  A few years ago we attended a three day gun safety seminar at Front Site in Pahrump, Nevada. It was a great experience and we learned a lot. I still don’t feel totally comfortable with a gun but if I felt that I or a family member was in danger of our lives, I could shoot that gun no questions asked. I’m not about to relinquish my second amendment right to have one. Why? Because the alternative is even scarier. Because of the exact thing you see almost every other week in the news. Bad guys getting hold of guns and killing innocent people. Most of the worst statistics of gun violence happen in states where gun laws are the most strict and especially in “gun free” zones. Why should that surprise anyone?
Recently a presidential hopeful said, “You know what a gun free zone is to a bad guy? Bait.” I believe he’s right. How difficult would it be to walk into an elementary school, theatre, or special needs facility and open fire? Those who commit these heinous crimes are cowards in the first degree. What might have happened had those inside been armed? What if teachers, security in theaters and other establishments were armed and carefully trained to use a fire arm. Think Mr. Bad Guy, would think twice about opening fire there? Let’s be honest, nobody advocates gun violence; unless you’re a deranged lunatic. A large majority of gun owners practice safety and know how to handle a fire arm in their home. Of course there are accidents. Just as there are with vehicles, bikes, pedestrians, swimming pools, farm equipment, etc. Should we outlaw all of those too? It is impossible to insulate the world from the world. So how about for once, we try offense instead of after-the-fact defense?

Let’s say you’re a deranged killer and believe that you should kill 37 people. You’re the everyday, run of the mill crazy terrorist. But you’re also not stupid. Where are you going to go terrorize and do the most damage in the shortest amount of time? To a place where you know everyone is armed? Of course not! You’re going to hit the biggest group of vulnerable victims who are perhaps in a “gun free” zone. Sitting ducks is what they’re called. You know who’s gun free in a “gun free” zone? Law abiding citizens. Opposite of that? “Laws? Who cares!” kind of lunatics.

Use some common sense Folks. You may not have a gun and don’t want one, that’s your right. Honestly? I don’t want to have to have a gun either, but it is my right as a law-abiding citizen of the United States of America to “keep and bear arms” to protect myself and my family,  and nobody will tell me different. Nobody can tell you different either. Are the cops going to save you? Those poor officers are terrified to even do their own jobs right now! Next time you hear bloviating from a podium on gun control, truly listen to them. Read between the lines. You may discover something…your own logic and common sense.