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Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan has admitted that she will look to international law when deciding Supreme Court cases.  Kagan’s confirmation hearings have yielded evidence that Kagan is a talented activist on many fronts.

We were particularly interested in an exchange Kagan had with Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa).  Kagan acknowledged that she considered international law important as precedent for American law.   Senator Grassley seemed surprised by her comment and when he began to press her about using international law, Kagan quickly began to backpedal:  “…I think… a judge [could] read the decision of a foreign court to… learn about how different people might approach and have thought about approaching legal issues…” “Which foreign countries would you suggest we look to for good ideas?” Sen. Grassley asked. “Oh, Senator Grassley, I–I guess I would say again what I started with, which is you can look to good ideas wherever they come from. “

United Families International has, for over 15 years, been sounding the alarm on the negative impact of international law, particularly law that emanates from the U.N. and other international treaty bodies.   The language that goes into these U.N. generated documents ends up resurfacing in American courts of law as well as courts around the world.  We cannot afford to ignore what is happening in the U.N. system.   The anti-family forces certainly understand how useful that legal precedent is.   That’s why UFI continues to make the U.N. a focal point of our work.

Now we have a potential Supreme Court Justice who is quite open about her desire to use and accept international law.  Contact your Senators and let them know we have a constitution that gives us the foundation for law in this country and Kagan needs to take her “progressive” ideas elsewhere.

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