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Cindy McCain has been photographed with a duct-taped mouth and NOH8 written on her cheek; she’s officially supporting homosexual marriage. I know what you’re thinking, “If Cindy supports it, I’ve got to support it.”

But cool your jets.

Even though Cindy McCain’s support may “help the tide to turn against proposition 8,” as was said in a recent LA Times article, there are still reasons to hold your ground.

I hope you’ve chosen your side by looking at the facts, not just the faces. If you saw that Ronald Reagan taped his mouth shut and wrote NOH8 on his cheek, you shouldn’t be swayed (except you should probably be scared, since he’s dead). This isn’t a political party issue, it’s a logical one.

The facts are out there.

A stable marriage between a man and a woman is the only relationship that has the biological potential to both produce children and provide the best and most successful environment in which to rear the next generation. This is not an issue of love, rights, or sexual preference; it is an issue of which activities and unions provide societies with a net benefit and which do not. Our nation has an obligation to protect the definition of marriage.

If you’d like scientific findings on the matter, click here. Or if you want to learn how to debunk the most common arguments, like: “Allowing homosexuals to marry does not harm or negatively impact anyone,” click here.

Look to the facts, not the faces.

I’ll do the same.

United Families International is committed to bringing you the facts about every issue surrounding the family.

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