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The US Department of Education released their proposed changes to Title IX regulations that would dramatically change the future for women and girls in federally funded activities and programs. There are many negative impacts that will harm girls, women, and families.

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free speech

by Rebecca Mallory

Being offended seems to be the modern day mantra for anyone without a spine these days. Political correctness has become a growing and festering fungus in almost every college and university, society, city, and country. What began as a futile attempt to be inclusive to everyone and make everyone equal, which will never ever happen as long as flawed humans are involved, has metastasized into a poisonous monster. An elite few have graciously taken it upon themselves to feverishly pen countless lists and treatises about what is now acceptable speech in case, heaven forbid, we hurt someone’s feelings.

Many colleges and universities have created “safe spaces” for students who feel the least bit threatened by someone’s differing opinion or choice of words. Now tell me how that is going to prepare these future leaders to face problems in a tough, complex and often unforgiving world?? I would think twice about sending my kid to a pandering school like that. Teach him rugged individualism, to gain and learn skills that will make him successful, teach him forgiveness and tolerance so that when other imperfect people say dumb things, he can shrug it off and move on to more important issues that will impact his success. By the way, if you’re offended that I have not included “she”…. I was just being lazy… Whoops! I mean “motivationally deficient”.

Our ever protecting government now forbids the words “fundamentalist” and  “jihadi” because we might offend peaceful Muslims, who themselves should be offended by those terms! Can’t use “felon” or “convict”  because you might offend those poor rapists and murderers, who incidentally, will now be allowed to move into your neighborhood. It’s only fair, you know. You must now refer to someone who is poor as “economically disadvantaged”, fat as “horizontally challenged”,  (ok, that doesn’t sound offensive??)  homely, “cosmetically different”, (who isn’t??), dead as “living impaired” (love that one, pretty creative.) Late as “rescheduled arrival time”, gossip as “speedy transmission of near-factual information”etc. These lists go on and on and get more ridiculous. You know what is fair game though and not off limits to offend? Christians, white people, success, wealth, the Founding Fathers, being pro-life, marriage between one man and one woman… Nope! You guys are fair game. No PC police will ever come to your rescue. Deal with it.

Here’s a quick and simple solution. Get over it. Ever heard of being polite and civil? Does it really take a bunch of obscure elitists to come up with lists?  Are we that clueless as a people that we can’t tell when we’re being rude? This seems like a no brainier to me, but maybe I’m assuming that everyone was basically taught right from wrong like I was. Obviously, it is best to treat everyone with respect and kindness. As humans, though, sometimes we blow it and say something unintentional. Apologize and make it right. Simple.

I used to believe that no one would intentionally hurt another person, but with the crazy PC culture, I believe that people now purposely seek to be offended because there’s a big payoff. PC police running to the rescue, attempting to band-aid the terrible offense you have suffered. As with most of these mindless “good intention” ideas, being PC has become wildly out of control. The current election climate here in America bears that out big time.

Even if you’re not a U.S. Citizen, you’ve got to be somewhat amused at American politics. Shocking, exciting, appalling, frightening, disappointing. And who are the most dumbfounded and stunned? The establishment elites in both parties. Some candidates just aren’t playing by the rules. Elites don’t like that. One in particular, has had the audacity to blast political correctness for what it is: suppression of individual thought and the attempt at mind control. Though I agree with few of this person’s views, I applaud his bold and often crass attacks on the PC police. His ideas seem new and fresh. People are sick and tired of being called racist, homophobes, sexist, or any manner of “ist” simply by stating their personal beliefs. This candidate has blown big holes in the political correctness facade and has become surprisingly popular. The elite PC crowd are in disbelief that there are people who actually don’t take part in their manufactured feelings’ band-aid game.

So you get the idea. The  PC crowd is determined to change what made us fundamentally great and good. We must see through it for what it is. They attempt to justify abhorrent behavior by shaming and squashing your differing opinions. This makes them feel better about themselves. Like that neighborhood bully you grew up with.

So “Truth is the new hate speech.” George Orwell even spoke of the dangers of political correctness this way, “During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” And Voltaire gave this warning hundreds of years ago, “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”  Charlton Heston’s take, “Political correctness is tyranny with a happy face.” We need to learn to recognize it and stand for what we know is right. Do not be intimidated by your true convictions and values. Worrying about it may contribute to baldness… Whoops! I mean becoming follicularly challenged. That happens and you may be the topic of speedy transmission of near-factual information. Haha….political correctness, gotta love it.