Prop 8. UPDATE: Judge Refuses Anonymity to Donors

Prop 8. UPDATE: Judge Refuses Anonymity to Donors

ufilogoA federal judge just refused to grant a preliminary injunction protecting donors to Prop 8 from harassment.

This one judge refused any kind of immediate reasonable, legal protection–not just for big donors, but for every ordinary Californian who gave even a few bucks to protect marriage. He refused not just to protect their names, he refused to prevent the posting of their addresses on the Internet.

“…there is “systematic effort” to seek out Proposition 8 donors and harass them. ” –Ron Prentiss

All this in spite of documented evidence of property damage and threats to people’s livelihoods, even sporadic death threats–and an ongoing, organized, very open and public Internet-based campaign to target the homes and business of ordinary Californians who gave money to NOM California and Protect Marriage this fall.

These kinds of people should never have access to your home, your address, your vote. As Brian Brown of NOM told Fox News yesterday:

“Americans should be free to exercise our core civil rights to speak, to vote, or to donate in support of marriage without facing organized threats of retaliation as a result. We call on leaders of the gay marriage movement to call off their dogs and stop using threats and harassment as a political tactic. It will–and is–backfiring.” 

It goes against the very principles of freedom for the government to subject its citizens to these kinds of reprisals for expressing their constitutionally protected freedom of speech.

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