True Colors of the Rainbow

True Colors of the Rainbow


ufilogoI saw a video clip of a rally protesting California’s Proposition 8, the constitutional amendment that established marriage as between one man and one woman in California. In the video clip there were people waving rainbow flags as a symbol of their protest.

I remember in a eighth grade science class an acronym for the colors of the rainbow. Roy G. Biv – standing for Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. In honor of my science teacher, Mr. Hauser, I’ve decided to take the acronym and provide my own words to describe the ‘rainbow’ as it relates to these rallies in opposition to Proposition 8. Perhaps, this better describes their true colors.

Rage – those opposed to Prop 8 have sunk to unthinkable lows in their exhibition of anger.
Ostracism – a well defined coalition worked to pass Prop 8. Opponents are simply attempting to break up that coalition by singling out individuals or groups in attempts to have them ostracized by the rest of the coalition.
Yell – If your argument isn’t convincing, simply yell louder. Adopt the mantra of teenage rock bands – If your music stinks, just turn up the volume and maybe someone will notice you.
Government by the people – what they don’t believe in. They want government to just grant unwarranted special treatment to groups that really have no legal standing for such treatment.
Bigotry – No other way to describe the hatred and venom spit at people who’s religious beliefs led them to vote for Prop 8.
Intolerance & intimidation – They speak of tolerance, but redefine it to mean ‘if you don’t agree with me you are intolerant, but if I spit, scream and curse at you, that is within the bounds of tolerance.’
Violence – If all else fails, vandalize property, deface churches or threaten women and children.

People have the right to peaceful assembly and protest. Those protesting the passage of Prop 8 have gone well outsidethe lines of decency in this case. Opponents to Prop 8 speak of hate, but the only hatred in this campaign has been exhibited by them.

By Curtis Anderson, United Families California

  • Pearl
    Posted at 14:23h, 15 December

    Ha ha, this makes me chuckle. I did one of these rainbow “translations” on my own blog back in November. Interesting how the rainbow, usually a symbol of hope, has now become the multi-hued standard of a people operating in anger, spewing hatred and bigotry, while claiming victimization in the name of rights and equality.

  • beetlebabee
    Posted at 15:28h, 15 December

    Way to say it!

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