VIDEO: Exclusive UFI Interview With Arthur A. Goldberg

VIDEO: Exclusive UFI Interview With Arthur A. Goldberg

Can homosexuals transform their sexuality?  Torah, Talmud and time-tested advances in gender psychology answer YES! The Co-Director of JONAH (Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality), Arthur Goldberg, tells how in his book “Light in the Closet: Torah, Homosexuality, and the Power to Change.”  This groundbreaking book explodes the “gay gene” mystique, offering hope, compassion, direction and vitally needed information to gay strugglers, their families, friends, and surrounding community.

The UFI Blog interviewed Mr. Goldberg about his new book and the facts behind same-sex attraction and the gay lifestyle.


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  • joseschwartz
    Posted at 13:00h, 28 December

    Comments 12-27-10 United Families International Blog
    It has been 5 ½ years since my first contact with Mr. Goldberg after finding his name in the book COMING OUT STRAIGHT by Richard Cohen.

    The reason for contact, our son “came out” as “gay”, and the information found on the internet, libraries, and attending PFLAG meeting were not convincing.

    My wife noticed the steering being done at our local library which basically censored much of the information Mr. Goldberg speaks about in this interview.

    You can find the result of supportive information at and Please encourage people to investigate Unwanted Same Sex Attraction as it is easier to prevent homosexuality than encourage those who have bought into to the political agenda of embracing of a “gay” identity to look into seeking causes or making a change.

    If the subject is really about self determination, diversity, acceptance and choice, then the “gay” agenda must allow freedom of information, diversity of thought, and more than one option to choose from.


    Jose Schwartz

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