Genderally Crazy

Genderally Crazy

Transgender2By Ann Bailey


Have we gone mad or are we just genderally crazy? I have to wonder after all the recent headlines I’ve been reading. Check these articles out.

1.  HHS board rules transgender Medicare recipients can seek coverage for sex-change surgery

Now tax-payers will be required to pay for a man or a woman to mutilate their body in their quest to achieve a sex or “gender identity” that doesn’t align with the body parts they were born with. (Translation: A man wants to become a woman or vice-verse.) In a day and age where military veterans are dying as they await much needed medical care and surgeries, it is particularly crazy and galling that taxpayers are being required to pay for someone to dramatically disfigure their body.

Following HHS’s “gender” logic, tax payers should also pay for the person who is bulimic or anorexic (both genuine mental health challenges) to have liposuction and other fat reduction surgeries. My guess is that you’re already thinking of other similar examples.

But what of the transgender patients themselves? What about their well-being; are we really helping them?

With the exception of a very rare few, people are born either male or female with the chromosomes and body parts to match, with the rare deviations being diagnosed and treated when a child is very young.   But for those caught up in the “gender identity” revolution, modern medical technology might come close to approximating exterior genitalia, but it can never change the fact that every cell in that same body and brain knows that it came in to existence with either an XX or an XY chromosome designation. Good luck with changing that.

Genderally crazy.

2.  San Diego parents reveal story of transgender son who became boy at Age Five

This particular story had, and still has, people buzzing. Parents allowed their daughter, Ryland, to “change her gender,” at age five no less, and then allowed the child to be a pawn in a media frenzy of LGBT advocacy. As one commentator notes:

Because the parents chose to publicly splash Ryland’s NAME and FACE all over the public sphere, there is little chance that she will be able to function in anonymity or normality. She will forever be known as the “transgender child”. She will attract all the praise and negativity that comes with it.

This very public fact will make it even harder for Ryland to discover for herself who she really is without the public or her family pressuring her to be one way or the other.

Again I find this whole thing very sad. And I really think the parents should be ashamed of themselves, not for indulging her to be a boy, per say, but for exploiting her ordeal and using her to get their 15 minutes of fame.

Genderally crazy.

3.     Ohio College Considering Mandatory Transgender Sensitivity Training For Athletics Department

Oberlin College’s Athletics Department is considering “mandatory transgender sensitivity training for all of its staff and coaches.” Makes you wonder how many transgender individuals they’re planning to recruit!

Seems the Transgender Participation Advisory Committee is recommending the college makes these changes as a “sort of 101” on gender. Here’s one of the committee’s recommendations:

“…replace “FTM” (female-to-male and “MTF (male-to-female) with “a transgender student-athlete who was designated a male/female at birth and is/is not taking medically prescribed hormone replacement therapy related to gender transition.”

So what should have been a simple one word definition (male or female) now requires a 23-word definition.

Genderally crazy.

There you have it and we haven’t even talked about Facebook now offering in their profile section, a menu that includes 57 gender choices. The other irony is that all of these changes are being forced upon the population on behalf of about of .003 percent of the adult population. (This number comes from the pro-gay think-tank Williams Institute out of UCLA).

And, the really crazy thing is that we’re all, 99.997 percent of us, being required to participate in their “gender identity” fiction.


  • Dorraine Thomas
    Posted at 20:36h, 06 June

    We were at the waterpark this week, when I saw a young man wearing a one piece swimsuit, heavy make up, and hair styled like a girl. He was obviously transgender. And I was wondering…which bathroom will “he” use when he needs to go to the bathroom. And as women, do we allow men to come on in because they believe they’re women or want to identify as women? Do we share hospital rooms? jail cells? It’s getting messier by the minute.

  • Diane Kunkel
    Posted at 21:52h, 06 June

    Oh, what is this world coming to?! I appreciate Dorraine’s comments and questions she poses.

  • Deb
    Posted at 22:44h, 06 June

    The only thing wrong with this article is that is will not appear out the front page of very newspaper in America. Such a shame what we, the majority, have to endure. And tragic what these lost would are doing to themselves. Very well said!!

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